IIM Udaipur organizes ‘Tribal Livelihood Workshop’

On 17th June 2015 Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur organized a workshop on ‘Tribal Livelihood’. IIMU is a member of Manthan Consortium. The consortium has researched and developed knowledge platform, e-groups, learning support, strategy advisory support through its member institutes.

The aim of the workshop was to create a learning platform where sharing of knowledge and experience is facilitated. The participants were the likes of Rajasthan Grameen Aajeevika Vikas Parishad (RGAVP), MANTHAN partners and NGOs working on livelihood issues in Udaipur.


The event flagged off with a welcome note from Prof. Janat Shah – Director, IIMU who presented his views for the part that educational institutes could play in the developing an eco-system of livelihood for the marginalized . He words emphasized that IIMU holds a major responsibility to give towards the research, development and strategizing the initiatives for the income generation for the tribal. He considered the workshop as an excellent platform for academicians, practitioners, govt. officials to work together in the direction.


The event was attended by the faculties from other management institutes of the country including MDI, XIMB, XLRI, TISS, and BRLF (Bihar Rural Livelihood Foundation). These institutes are also members of the Manthan consortium.

Prof. Shambu Prasad from Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), Gujrat initiated and moderated the discussion by first briefing the audience about the Manthan (Management Academic institutes Network for Transforming Human Resources through Action and Knowledge), a three-year old consortium and its aims of strengthening the livelihoods ecosystem in India.


Workshop was further led by the Mr. Hardeep Chopra, RGAVP representative, who work for the livelihood initiatives in various districts of Rajasthan. The initiatives have helped more than 55 lakh tribal men and women in the state. The great cause has been promoted at large-scale by creating Self-help groups and Village Organizations (VOs) for women. The initiative aims to ensure income of above 1 lakh for the families that are part of SHG or VOs. Giving testimony to the fact, women from tribal areas joined the workshop to share their experience and benefit from the RGAVP initiatives. RGAVP believes that the success stories would grow exponentially in future with more people joining hands using the platform of such workshops.


The event acted as perfect platform for majority participants. Priyanka Singh, CEO of Seva Mandir also contributed to the discussion with her views on the issues prevalent in the tribal livelihood. She expressed her views on the income source majorly depending on the natural resources and labor. She urged various stakeholders and participants to formulate policies that are beneficial for the poor in for a long-term.

The workshop was further progressed by presentations on the livelihood models from participants. The speakers shared their learnings and experiences from the initiatives pursued and research done.

The speakers included Kalpana Pant from Chaitanya Foundation, Zulfiquar Haider, CEO form BRLF, Rama Kandrappa from ILRT and Dileep Gupta  from IGS, Abha Mishra from Aajeevika Bureau and Avanish Kumar  from MDI.

During the conclusion of the workshop, everyone appreciated the concept and the content of the workshop. They also requested to have frequent such sessions to keep the motivation high among the participants. IIMU takes pride in hosting such event which strives to make a greater impact to the society.

TEDxIIMUdaipur- The Final Countdown Begins…

TEDxIIMUdaipur- the most looked forward to event, on the IIM Udaipur campus is finally here. With veteran speakers from around the country, delegates from in and around Udaipur, and the IIMU community set to be present as part of the mélange, 14th March, 2015 promises to be a day full of enthralling ideas, fascinating insights and interesting conversations.

ted poster1

The event, which is being conducted at the IIM Udaipur campus, MLSU shall see seven talks by speakers, who shall be discussing their unqiue ideas and how these defined the key moments of their lives. An augmented reality aficionado, an American photographer with his Indian painter colleague, a world-renowned Bharatnatyam performer, the youngest woman in the world to have swum five oceans, an IIM-Cal researcher-writer-doctor-entrepreneur, an animal enthusiast and finally a man who has changed the way Delhi views education…. these are but a brief glimpse into the profiles of our eight speakers.

The theme for the event is ‘The Smallest of Things’. It is a celebration of small, trivial things which the world considers to be of little consequence, that ultimately have made the biggest difference. From the invention of the wheel, to the moment humans discovered gravity… history is witness to the numerous small inventions, discoveries and most importantly ideas… that have changed civilizations, and mankind’s beliefs and ideologies for all time to come.

ted poster

The event with its speakers from diverse fields- from the city of Udaipur and around the country, promises to be a day of great learning for everyone present. To know more about the event you can visit:



For any queries related to event attendance, please contact:

Himanshu Sachdeva: 99536 59669

Shishir Nath: 99839 44540