Shake a leg – The Dance workshop at IIM Udaipur

“There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them” – a very apt saying by the famous Austrian author Vicki Baum which truly encompasses dancing in its essence. Thus, breaking away from the traditional overworked schedules in a B-school, Footworx – The Special Interest Group for Dance at IIM Udaipur went about their task of imparting precisely this happiness by organizing a Bollywood Freestyle workshop for the student fraternity. The workshop helped the students learn, hone and simultaneously have a whale of a time.

The workshop was a two hour long event and witnessed a huge turnout. The dance style proposed for the workshop captured student’s interest and gave a chance to express themselves freely. A great sight was to see the exchange students from France trying to learn the much adored dance steps from famous Bollywood tracks.


The Footworx members choreographed the dance sequence and ensured that everyone was at ease. It was an amazing sight to see the students picking the dance steps quickly even those who had never danced before. It was an amazing sight to see many students trying their utmost to learn the steps but to no avail. However, the effort from all the students for participating and motivating others to join is well appreciated.

It was surely a day to remember for everyone involved and one that all will cherish. The workshop certainly discovered many upcoming dancers in the batch. The great participation has helped develop a base and interest for further similar dance workshops. Footworx members were elated to see the interest amongst students and are confident to return with more such workshops soon. Such events help develop a strong bond between students and also nurture a pleasant culture at IIM Udaipur

Salsa Workshop at IIMU!

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” – Voltaire

IIM Udaipur strives to inculcate a vibrant spirit in its students to promote cultural awareness and continue a process of unearthing and nourishing unconventional talent. A right mix of academic and cultural activities conducted by the various student clubs & committees provide ample scope to try out new ideas and polish implementation skills to develop traits like team building and leadership in an outré approach.


Society of Dance under the umbrella of CulcommThe Cultural Committee of IIMU conducted a week long salsa workshop in IIM Udaipur. Led by Kunal GulatiPGP-1, the workshop saw an enthusiastic response from the student community willing to learn this innovative dance form.

Salsa has several forms and primarily Cuban salsa was taught to the participants. This form of salsa involves significant physical flexibility and stamina. The students, novice in the art form put in a lot of hard work, esteem and patience to master this art. “Initially, one gets dizzy when the turns are taught but once you have passed that beginner’s phase, you realize how fun salsa can be!” complimented D. Sunil Kumar, Naveen Kumar, Neha Singh and Stuti Agarwal, students of PGP-1.


The initial two days of the workshop included the basic movements in salsa to make the participants comfortable and to assess the level of competence of individuals and partners. To ease the process of learning, the partners were frequently switched while practicing a movement.

The different dance moves which were taught in the workshop were spot turn, cross body walk, cross body turn and open break. And advance steps which were covered in the workshop were Lasso, Sombrero and Bachata.

The final day of the workshop culminated with all the participants giving a dance performance with their partners. IRISThe Photography Club of IIM Udaipur helped in capturing some amazing moments of the workshop.