Council of Student Affairs Investiture Ceremony

‘The first step towards taking an organization to the pinnacle of success is setting the right culture;                                                                                                                                The first step in setting the right culture is choosing the right leadership.’

We at IIM Udaipur, have always believed in setting the right culture and to help achieve this motive, the Council of Student Affairs (CSA) was instituted at IIM Udaipur.  The CSA is the student representative body that helps ensure proper execution of the rights and duties of students. At IIM Udaipur ethics and academic integrity have always been guiding factors; and in this spirit, IIM Udaipur has set a benchmark by having formulated and implemented a full-fledged constitution and a code of conduct so soon after its inception. The CSA also helps ensure that there are no violations against these.

The CSA is elected by a voting process by the student fraternity and comprises of seven members- one each from the placement committee, media cell and Acad council and the remaining four being independents from the rest of the student community.

The investiture ceremony for the Council of Student Affairs-2015 was held on 25th March, 2015. The ceremony began with a small speech by the outgoing General Secretary who then invited the new CSA to share their agenda for the upcoming year and how they plan to execute it. The new GS then took to the podium to discuss the plans of his council, with the students and faculty. This was followed by the oath taking ceremony.


Prof. Janat Shah, Director IIM Udaipur then addressed all those present and mentioned the important role values and culture play at our institute and the important role CSA plays in implementing these. He also appreciated the way students at IIMU take ownership of a whole range of activities conducted across the various clubs and committees. Prof. Shah also reiterated that the institute respects the student bodies and councils for the decisions they make and that the student community has complete freedom to manage their extra-curricular affairs.


The investiture concluded with a brief vote of thanks by the outgoing GS for the help and co-operation of all the students and the institute in their various endeavours.


Out-going Council: Abhimanyu Bhardwaj | Arun P | Ashish Mishra | Ashwini Soundararajan | Jitaditya Dey | Nagaraj N | Rohit Mishra

Newly Elected Council: Amit Singh | Ayush Garg | Gaurav Dubey | Harshad Prabhudesai | Jayarama Buti | Shirali Desai | Vipul Panwar

Things which differentiate IIM Udaipur – Values!

Treading the path of management career empowers one with a responsibility to create social and economic values for the society. A large part of the managers’ careers involves real time complex decision making in testing and demanding situations and the decisions affect organizations, citizens, communities and the environment.

The pedagogy at IIMU is designed keeping the ideaor in mind to develop sensitized and responsible managers instilled with values which will help them in every stage of their lives. Convened by the visionary leader, Prof. Janat ShahDirector, IIM Udaipur, who is known for his humbleness and modesty in the academic & corporate world and the Board of Governors, the initiatives operational at IIMU foster values in all the actions and commitments of students, faculty and staff. The programmes are specially designed to hone the values of integrity, honesty, respect, ownership, trust and excellence in all the deeds of student managers. The institute administration working round the clock in running the activities of the institute surpass excellence and exemplify a culture of always being approachable, dedicated and helping. The faculty and students work in teams in a multi-cultural and academically diverse setting to develop authorship, respect, understanding, reliability and appreciation of the values of team work.

Provision of Global and Rural Immersion programmes coupled with socially oriented courses like Business Ethics in the curriculum help in the all-round development of students. IIM Udaipur is the only institute in India to have a Code of Conduct and Constitution in place within just two years of its foundation. Each and every word in the constitution has been debated in open house sessions between the students and the administration to ensure there is upright integrity in academic and non-academic pursuits of the students. A Council of Student Affairs is elected by the students, which works towards protecting the rights and duties of the students and to ensure there is openness and fairness in the access of growth opportunities and learning resources of the institute by all.

The institute has adopted practices and standards like IPRS audited placement reports, sharing of institute events’ reports with the community and timely communication of admission process which reflect transparency and accountability. The events of the institute are organized and implemented by the students and the student clubs and committees are given full autonomy to design and control their governance. A number of activities are designed in collaboration with external agencies and organizations like NGOs and government bodies wherein the students strive towards learning social responsibility, inclusiveness and the potential of collective growth.

The endeavor of the institute and its affairs remain a testimony to the sincerity, leadership, uniqueness, creativity, mutual prosperity, equality, sustainability and decorum in communication aligned with the student activities to help them stand out at the helm of their careers and achieve their goals of success with élan in the competitive business world.

Academic Scholarships Awards and Student Council Investiture Function

IIM Udaipur strives to encourage the enthusiasm and dedication among the students by recognizing and appreciating the talent from the student fraternity who have excelled in their devotion, work, commitment and performance in various strata towards taking forward the IIMU legacy. IIMU Community comprising the students, staff and the faculty got together to award the recipients of Academic Scholarships in a function organized on 6th March, 2014. The awards were presented by the faculty and Prof. Janat Shah, DirectorIIMU. The awards were not limited to only academic achievements but also covered the Course Representatives, best Club / Committee SPOC and the best Library users. The felicitation list preparation was helped by the Academic Council of IIMU.

In addition to the appreciation of the awardees, the function also had the investiture of the newly elected Council of Student Affairs Members (CSA). Council of Student Affairs and Academic Council ensure the students’ rights and duties are properly exercised. IIMU has also set the benchmark by becoming an institution with a full-fledged Constitution and Code of Conduct in place just within two years of its foundation. The Council is elected by a voting process by the student fraternity and the newly elected body took the charge from the First Student Council selected in August, 2013. Mr. Joel Xavier, ManagerStudent Affairs at IIMU played the role of the Master of Ceremony from the dias and kept everyone glued to the ceremony with his one liners in the speech.


List of Awardees (PGP-2): Sameer Hasan | Prateek Shukla | Vivek Pandey | Anusha Ganne | Raghuveer Patnala | Virangna Kansal | Adhya Shivhare | Richa Sharma | Aashima Priye | Aprajitha Ranjan | Arun Kumar P | Chayanika Bathla | Ratika Mittal | Soumya Dasoju | Surya Mahesh Marisetti | Venkatesh Thouti | Nitish Sana | Anupam Sikdar | Dipthi M V | Jaspal Singh | Juhi Panchal | Rahul Verma | Rishiraj Kashyap | Sudhir Medithi | Hina Agarwal | Agradeep Chakraborty | Ajith Pancily | Akanksha Bali | Anjan Jyoti Goswami | Bharat Nigadi | Biswarup Das | Esha A | Ishan Bharadwaj | Kotagiri Harish | Mrityunjai Yadav | Neha Jangid | Neha Tare | Pradeep Hiremath | Pradeep Meena | Rohit Jaiswal | Sandeep Rana | Shashi Kumar | Shuchismitha Biswas | Sneha Sathawane | Sriharsha | Sunil Gunti | Vidushi Yadav | Vinay Tejasvi | Vivek Batra | Vivek Pandey | Dipankar Behera | Raj Mohod

CSA 2013-14 (PGP-1): Abhimanyu Bhardwaj | Arun P | Ashish Mishra | Ashwini Soundararajan | Jitaditya Dey | Nagaraj N | Rohit Mishra

IIM Udaipur celebrates Republic Day!

The morning of 26th January, 2014 began on a different note in IIM Udaipur. The maddening rush to classes was replaced by a flavoured celebration of the 65th Republic Day by the faculty, staff and students of IIMU with gusto. The event started with the flag hoisting by Director, Prof. Janat Shah followed by the National Anthem. CulcommThe Cultural Committee of IIMU sparked the celebrations with scintillating performances of a dance act and a street play captivating the audience. PGP student Shuchismita Biswas enthralled everyone with her mesmerizing recital of patriotic songs. The dash of fervor in the day was added by the Republic Day Quiz conducted by PotpourriThe Literary Club of IIMU.


The Constitution of India came into force on this day and everyone at IIMU derive great pride that under the leadership of Prof. Janat Shah, we are working towards building an institute striving towards excellence. IIMU is one of the first institutes in India to come with a Code of Conduct and a Constitution in effect within just two years of its foundation. And to ensure that the proper strategic directives laid are properly implemented, IIMU has a student elected body, Council of Student Affairs overseeing the working procedures. IIMU’s approach of adopting latest standards like CRM will aid in effective monitoring of all the aspects of the institute’s functioning.


The celebrations of the campus continued in an excursion to the new campus site at Balicha, Udaipur. The outing was orchestrated by PrayatnaThe Social Responsibility Club of IIMU. The students were accompanied by Mr. Joel Xavier, Manager – Student Affairs, IIMU who with his years of experience as an avid traveler, photographer, biker and a planner of such trips since his IIMA days made the day fun filled. He gave the students, tips on trekking, camping and pitching a tent as well as how to develop a keen eye for capturing great photographs.


IIMU’s upcoming campus in Balicha spread across 253 acres of land is going to be one of the best campuses of Indian education institutions. The campus will be a symbolic landmark with its grandeur greenery and an innovative and splendid constructional design. IRIS – The Photography Club of IIMU helped in capturing the memories by clicking the pictures for the day.