Udaipur LeapDay Litfest 2015

Potpourri – The literary and debating club of IIM Udaipur is hosting The Udaipur LeapDay Litfest 2015, IIMU’s annual B-school literature festival in its Udaipur campus. This is the third such edition of the event, and is slated on the 28th of February this year, as every year.

The Udaipur LeapDay Litfest was conceived by the first batch of students of IIM Udaipur, simply out of its love literature, helped by the support of the IIM Udaipur culture that encouraged it to conceive and execute such a unique concept. Over the years, the ULLF has evolved into a strong name in itself, becoming Udaipur’s very own Literature Festival and a platform for the local aspirants and enthusiasts to interact with renowned as well as upcoming artists and performers from across the length and breadth of this country.

The first edition, themed ‘Indian Mythology and Fantasy through new-age fiction’, hosted authors Rashmi Bansal, Ashwin Sanghi and Rajiv Menon who gave beautiful insights on the topic and also made the panel discussions very relevant for the predominantly management crowd that had gathered. The second edition, themed ‘An Odyssey of Expressions’ , however saw increased participation from the junta of Udaipur, and also a much more variedly experienced set of guests in authors Nikhil Sachan, Chetan Mahajan, classical singer Vidya Rao and Artist painter Siddharth. While the first two speakers were of management background, the other two were much experienced in the fields of art, and hence took the entire audience through a beautiful journey of their own illustrious careers.

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The theme for this year’s event – ‘Beauty in Chaos’, looks to celebrate the charming order that takes shape in all the turbulent journey of an artist. This year, the ULLF 2015 has grown much in size as a platform for Udaipur, and in stature in terms of the participating guests as well. Participating guests include Indian classical dancer and Padma Bhushan Dr. Mallika Sarabhai; Musician, poet and actor Mr. Piyush Mishra. Apart from these guests, ULLF 2015 will also be hosting, Ladli award winner for her writing on gender sensitivity, and author of e-retail record-breaking collection of short stories ‘Neela Scarf’, Ms. Anu Singh Chaudary; Asst Professor with the Department of English at St. Stephen’s, Delhi, musician and music conductor, and author of the ‘Book of Guardians’ trilogy, Ms. Giti Chandra; Founder of online entertainment channel ‘EmotionalFullsMr. Sandeep Jha; and founder of online satire-news portal ‘Faking News’, Mr. Rahul Roushan. This year’s event has been sponsored by Sahitya Akademi and co-sponsored by Aryas Publications, Niranjan Associates, Ashoka Cinemas and Pirates Publications, education partner National Book Trust and food partner Jaisingh Garh, Raaj Bagh and Kaju’s.

As a pre-runner, Potpourri also conducted Tell-a-Tale, a story writing marathon, hosting budding and aspiring authors and writers from Udaipur, Kota and Jaipur and the IIMU community as well. The event was a huge success going by the feedback of the participants, and event video will also be showcased during the Litfest. Going forward Tell-a-Tale will grow into a much bigger platform, inviting and encouraging participants from far and wide. This year too, the participation of the external community in the ULLF is touted to increase from last year, a healthy trend towards making the ULLF truly, Udaipur’s very own literature festival.

For participation and further info, please contact-

potpourri@iimu.ac.in or www.iimu.ac.in/LeapdayLitfest

Event SPOC- Puneet Mor @ 7023002064

Sgraffito: IIM Udaipur’s First Art Exhibition

“Art is what preserves our culture and our heritage. It is a form of communication in this busy world. There is a saying that ‘A picture has the power of a 1000 words. “

So started the mail informing the IIM Udaipur community about Sgraffito, our institute’s first art exhibition.

Conceptualized and organized by three students- Sunny Raj, Sabyasachi Daripa and Rahul Pateliya, Sgraffito was organized from 27th November, 2014 to 1st December, 2014 at the institute.The main inspiration behind this initiative was to provide a platform for budding artists to display their talent, while getting the entire community together to bond over, and discuss art.


The exhibition was inaugurated by Prof. Janat Shah- Director, IIM Udaipur. The event showcased the works of two local artists: Ms. Aditi Babel and Ms. Ina Parihar, as also numerous paintings by the staff and students of IIM Udaipur. The work on display ranged from sketches, oil painting and water colours to book craft and calligraphy.


A steady stream of students and faculty visited the exhibition on all five days, with the artists being asked numerous questions about their painting techniques and media preferences, by the observers. The myriad shades, textures and genres of art on display really amazed all visitors, who were pleasantly surprised to see the oft unknown creative talent of their friends and colleagues.


The event was highly appreciated with the organizers receiving repeated requests to hold similar events in future as well. The exhibition provided students with an opportunity to express their emotions and talents on canvas, and was a welcome reprieve from their rigorous schedules. The exhibition was an art lover’s delight and also brought the entire community together to bond over paintings and art. Sgraffito indeed was a grand success, thanks to the efforts of the organizers and all the artists who contributed to it.