Shake a leg – The Dance workshop at IIM Udaipur

“There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them” – a very apt saying by the famous Austrian author Vicki Baum which truly encompasses dancing in its essence. Thus, breaking away from the traditional overworked schedules in a B-school, Footworx – The Special Interest Group for Dance at IIM Udaipur went about their task of imparting precisely this happiness by organizing a Bollywood Freestyle workshop for the student fraternity. The workshop helped the students learn, hone and simultaneously have a whale of a time.

The workshop was a two hour long event and witnessed a huge turnout. The dance style proposed for the workshop captured student’s interest and gave a chance to express themselves freely. A great sight was to see the exchange students from France trying to learn the much adored dance steps from famous Bollywood tracks.


The Footworx members choreographed the dance sequence and ensured that everyone was at ease. It was an amazing sight to see the students picking the dance steps quickly even those who had never danced before. It was an amazing sight to see many students trying their utmost to learn the steps but to no avail. However, the effort from all the students for participating and motivating others to join is well appreciated.

It was surely a day to remember for everyone involved and one that all will cherish. The workshop certainly discovered many upcoming dancers in the batch. The great participation has helped develop a base and interest for further similar dance workshops. Footworx members were elated to see the interest amongst students and are confident to return with more such workshops soon. Such events help develop a strong bond between students and also nurture a pleasant culture at IIM Udaipur

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