Green Initiatives at IIM Udaipur

IIM Udaipur has always been an institute that believes strongly in social responsibility. In this regard a number of initiatives have been undertaken by the IIMU community as regards waste management and recycling.

IMG_9686The newest addition to IIMU’s list of green initiatives is a gazebo that has been constructed near the academic block of the institute. The entire structure has been built from waste glass bottles collected from around the city, as also from broken bamboo sticks that cannot be used for other purposes and has a roof that has been thatched with paper. The gazebo is a welcome reprieve from the sun on hot summer days, and provides a quaint little seating place for students and faculty alike to sit and sip their tea during breaks.


Another innovative implementation of a green idea, are the curtain blinds used in the new extension of the academic block. Unlike normal blinds which are made of plastic or metal, these blinds are made by pasting a magazine paper collage on a thin base layer. Having been made from biodegradable materials, the blinds are very different from the conventionally used ones. At the same time these blinds add a splash of colour and an element of interest to the classrooms.

In a bid to make IIM Udaipur’s new campus self-sustainable, pilot projects have been undertaken on the current campus to check how to optimize water utilization and manage waste that is being generated on campus. Currently a water treatment plant has been set up, that purifies the waste water generated from the mess, which is then used for gardening and other purposes at the academic block. Also multiple compost pits have been created to manage wet waste that is generated daily.


Prayatna-the social responsibilityclub of IIMU had undertaken a clean-up drive to support the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan project of our Prime Minister. To make sure this initiative was carried forward; different waste bins to dispose plastic, metal and wet waste have been set up at the academic block.

Prayatna is currently also carrying out a project to identify the total paper waste generated on campus and will soon be purchasing a paper recycling machine to help recycle the paper waste generated. A record of daily food wastage at the mess is also being maintained on a white board so that students feel more responsible against wasting, and also to identify consumption patterns so that a plan that ensure minimum wastage can be implemented.

These and a host of other initiatives taken up by the institute, help make IIM Udaipur a truly green campus, that sets an example for other residents of Udaipur- in sustainability and effective resource utilization.

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