Diwali in the IIMU way!

Continuing the tradition of vesting uniqueness and social responsibility in its every event, IIM Udaipur celebrated its third Diwali, the festival of lights, in a different way.


A group of 16 students from the IIMU family visited Jeevan Jyoti Child Home, a Govt. run boarding school for underprivileged children, to share moments of celebration and happiness on this auspicious occasion. The event was envisioned and coordinated by Prayatna – The Social Responsibility Club of IIM Udaipur.


The day constituted of fun-filled events, with students from IIMU teaming up with the school children and conducting various activities. The children were engaged in a theme based painting competition to bring out the best of their creative sides and to teach them the importance of team building, enthusiasm and competitive spirit. A football match was conducted, post which the children were gifted a football for all their efforts and unending enthusiasm in all the activities. The day ended with the distribution of sweets, diyas and non-polluting crackers among the children, leaving them with happy faces and smiles. The entire event was funded by the faculty and student fraternity of IIM Udaipur.


The celebrations were then carried forward on the campus, beginning with Laxmi-Ganesh Pooja where the gods were invoked to bestow their blessings on the IIMU fraternity. IIM Udaipur being a green campus fulfilled its duty of protecting nature and promoting eco-friendly initiatives, with its students lighting 50 sky lanterns. IIM Udaipur wishes to inculcate a blend of social responsibility and uniqueness in the leadership abilities of its students and such events lead the drive to achieve that goal.


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